Luxury Hospitality Furnishings in Hotel Renovation Stage

Here are five things to think about before stepping to hotel renovation.

1. Identical Style

It is significant to maintain hotel’s identity with their unique style. In general, hotel might lose their loyalty customers due to current style. As customers cannot feel comfortable with change in luxury hotel furniture or interior design. Furthermore, many hotels become famous and even gained reputation around the world. New clients might choose a hotel rather than others to visit a place. Because of that reputation and they expect to stay in current hotel design. For examples, Fairmont Epress Victoria Guest Room has been famous with Neoclassical Style.

Neoclassical Design in Fairmont Empress Victoria Hotel Furniture (1)
Image 1: Neoclassical Style in Fairmont Empress Victoria

Above all, there is no limitation in designing. Hotel managers do not need to strictly follow the old furniture design. From colors, shapes and light, they can renew luxury hotel furniture design within their own style as an upgrading. Therefore, it is difficult to change, especially for hotels, which have a long history. Certainly, designers and manufacturers could work together to achieve the same characteristics of current styles within new designs.

2. Duration

Luxury hotel furniture does not exist long lasting forever, although how high quality it is. During usable time, the hotel furniture becomes older in business and many items get damaged. That requires hotel managers to prepare for the next hotel renovation like a cycle.

Image 2: Upholstery Processing in FHF (a hospitality furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

In other words, the question is how long a hotel furniture set will be replaced by another. The answer depends on strict quality control in production. Meanwhile, hotel managers must carefully understand about quality assurance process in any factories. For instance, the more quality assurance workers also mean that more unqualified products are rejected. That will result in truly luxury hotel furniture as the expectation.

3. Expenditure

Certainly, budget is crucial in luxury hotel furniture business. Even though high-end hotels have huge budget to spend for qualified furniture, the main purpose is to meet cost efficiency. Hotel managers should remain reasonable on each spending part. This is when custom hotel furniture project gain advantage due to its own unique design. Meanwhile, it is also because hotel managers or contractors directly work with manufacturers. As a result of optimized solution, hotel managers can obtain high qualified and attractive hotel furniture with reasonable prices.

Image 3: Final Product in FHF (a hospitality furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

4. Suppliers

This part is the most significant, because relevant suppliers are keys to solve every problem. Suppliers could be designers, contractors, and manufacturers. Moreover, luxury hotel furniture projects will need high qualified suppliers. Hotel managers could consider their experiences and who are their big clients. However, the essential thing is their proposal to hotel furniture projects with samples. Working directly with each supplier will bring about better quality and optimized cost for hotel furniture projects. You can have a look at Capabilities in luxury hotel furniture industry as a reference.

New No 1 - Wood Veneer – A Highly Qualified Material for Luxury Hotel Furniture - Firm-FHF Fine Hospitality Furnishing-Completed-3
Image 4: Veneer Processing in FHF (a hospitality furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

5. Maintenance

To clarify, every hotel has excellent cleaners for taking care of each specific room. But hotel furniture items could get tiny dust in corners, which are hard to clean. At that point, a cleaning work routine for every month as removing these items out of their place and cleaning up every single corner. Besides that, luxury hotel furniture items might lose their attraction due to the reduction in color. The reason could be direct sunshine on the items, so that required professional polishing after a period of time.

Fine Hospitality Furnishings (FHF) is a hospitality furniture manufacturer in Vietnam. The company established in 2000 with factories in Binh Duong province, which is around 30km from the center of Hochiminh City.