Key Concepts of Luxury Hospitality Guest Room (Part 1)

Luxury hospitality guest rooms always lead us to the true high-class accommodation. But if we have to figure out and describe prominent things in their guest rooms, what are their primary concepts. The basic ideas are applied to build the luxury places every time.

1. Amazing Color Palettes

Colors directly affect human mood or emotion. Whenever you walk through the door, a great color palette (a range of collective colors) is the first impression. At that moment, the hotel room transfers some words or even messages into visitors’ mind. Of course, we want to tell guest that we are luxury hospitality, high-end quality and wonderful place to stay. In other words, we all know that every color has a meaning in human psychology. For example, we have a look at the color of Fairmont Empress Guest Room.

from Fairmont Empress Hotel
Image 1: from Fairmont Empress Guest Room

In general, yellow stands for the sun and warming, when blue represents for sky and peace. However, those are just basic colors. The problem! here is a wide range of colors in the real world. A luxury hospitality guest room cannot rely on one simple color unit. Instead, every hospitality place has unique color combination or palette. Their own luxury and high-quality messages.

2. Identical Hospitality Style

Hospitality style is a big term in designing and creating how the space will look like. In other words, the style is about the room layout, furniture arrangement, decoration, texture and so on. Why we should follow various identical styles such as contemporary, neoclassic or retro. Because that is the way to have memorable spaces. Although the style includes colors and many aspects. We separate these to become easier to comprehend in the case.

Hotel bedroom furniture in contemporary style 0
Image 2: Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel in Contemporary Style

Above all, if you see a picture in black and white, you will understand style pattern. In fact, back and white are not considered as colors in physics and it is not easy to remember many different things without colors. Hospitality guests may not be experts. But when the space style is similar to others, they can compare simpler as a group. Moreover, they figure out which are special in the areas from the others. As a recommendation, we should be inspired and inspire by identical style, similar but not the same. Besides that, the composition from several styles is also bring more flexibility in designs.

3. Custom Furniture

Site-specific Furniture or Built-in Furniture

It is formula solution to high-end hospitality segment, when we pay high attention on distinctive quality. In addition, producing custom furniture is not only about making specific furniture pieces to fulfill particular areas. It is also about performing functional roles in accommodation. Importantly, the custom hotel furniture is more aesthetic and sensational in from corner to corner site-specific art.

Custom Furniture Project_Sheraton Waikiki_FHFurnishing Current Project
Image 3: Custom Furniture in Sheraton Waikiki (Current Project of FHF Manufacturer)

Meanwhile, we see significance of brand building in luxury hospitality industry. That means the site-specific furniture becomes more diversified in order to respond to one demand of high-class quality. As a result, each luxury hospitality place has its own furniture pieces and these cannot be found in any other places.

4. Dramatic Lighting

Dramatic lighting setup is a strict requirement for any luxury hospitality places with the art of utilizing outdoor and indoor lighting sources. Certainly, it is considerably calculated to make the places being visible and attain some purposes. These purposes could be creating illusion of enormous spaces, color control and direction. A recommendation is that avoiding equal amount of light in every corner in guest rooms, especially low ceiling rooms.

Image 4: Dynamic Lighting Setup in Luxury hospitality

In short, we usually operate the same amount of light in meeting rooms and public spaces corner-to-corner. In accommodation, we diversified various amount of light with lighting sources such as side lamps, central down light and window light.

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In the next part, we discuss more about specific areas in luxury hospitality guest room.

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