Advantages of Custom Hotel Furniture in Luxury Hospitality Guest Room

It is a popular solution to any establishments in hospitality business. Before getting Custom Hotel Furniture, we usually start by checking Ready-Made Furniture. However, it is considered as reference. Because the instant options will not exclusively fulfill your hotel projects in term of professional business.

1. Style and Hotel Brand Building

Custom hotel furniture dedicates to brand building in hospitality business. A hotel owns unique furniture style, which other people cannot find in anywhere else. At that time, the hotel also gains unique appearance in clients’ mind. In the other words, the hotel creates an anchor point to differentiate itself. That can also generate the connection between many hotels in the same brand. For example, Fairmont Empress Hotel has become recognizable with Neoclassical Style.

Advantages of Custom Hotel Furniture in Luxury Hospitality 1
Image 1: Famous Neoclassical Style in Fairmont Empress Hotel

Besides that, custom hotel furniture manufacturer transforms hotel furniture designs into reality. The capability of manufacturer brings about flexibility to designers. From enormous items to tiny features, an appropriate manufacturer can accomplish and achieve high quality.

2. Quality on Investment

Luxury hotel furniture is extremely qualified, when the hotel put huge expenditure in custom hotel furniture. Because we gain power in quality control in every manufacture stage of the factory. The furniture manufacturer does not only follow requirements strictly, but they also continuously report to us. From that, we totally understand what is going on in the factory. As problems or errors occur, the manufacturer will fix those until receiving our approval.

Custom Furniture Project_Sheraton Waikiki_FHFurnishing Current Project
Image 2: Custom Hotel Furniture from FHF (a hospitality furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

In the other hand, custom hotel furniture has more reasonable cost than ready-made furniture. That is because we can attain prices at the factory. We also have chances to negotiate. In some cases, we can customize some features to reduce expenditure, if it is necessary. When you work with middlemen or general contractors, you still get closer prices to the factory prices. You can check our hotel furniture projects for more examples.

Image 3: Custom Hotel Furniture in FHF (a hospitality furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

The key is making a right decision about which manufacturer will be responsible for your custom hotel furniture projects. In consideration, it totally depends on Capabilities of Hotel Furniture Manufacturer.

3 Customization and Adaptability

Firstly, luxury hotel furniture needs customization based on our hotel designs. We can search ready-made furniture items. If we are lucky, we can have a suitable furniture set, which are similar or adaptable to the hotel room designs. But that does not always happen. Because the hotel design contains specific dimension and appearance. As a result, instant options can create a mess.

Custom furniture is consistently adaptable to specific rooms. In fact, there are so many hotel rooms in business plan. Therefore, we should waste no time to consider how to furnish the rooms. When custom furniture items fix into the room, it creates shapes locally and becomes catchy to the eyes.

Advantages of Custom Hotel Furniture in Luxury Hospitality
Image 4: Sample - Luxury Hotel Guest Room from FHF (a hospitality furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

Luxury hospitality business is all about the details. To clarify, we choose custom hotel furniture in order to gain customization ability. Through hotel furniture manufacturer, we can select relevant materials (Top 5 Materials) in our luxury hotel project. For example, we can pick up solid wood or MDF and Veneer as the main material for our furniture items. We can also create stunning features with brass and marble. Changing leather, which is appropriate to chair and sofa without changing the basic design.

Fine Hospitality Furnishings (FHF) is a hospitality furniture manufacturer in Vietnam. The company established in 2000 with factories in Binh Duong province, which is around 30km from the center of Hochiminh City.