Key Concepts of Luxury Hospitality Guest Room (Part 2)

Luxury hospitality guest rooms always lead us to the true high-class accommodation. In this page, we discuss more about specific areas in luxury hospitality guest room.

In Part 1 – Key Concepts of Luxury Hospitality Guest Room, we figured out and described prominent features in their guest rooms, what are their primary concepts. The basic ideas are applied to build the luxury places every time. In this part, we analyze different areas in guest room based on our experience.

1. Sleepy Bed

Sleep is basic thing we do in hotel, but wonderful sleep experience is what we expected in luxury hotel. In fact, many premium hotel bedrooms make us nearly falling asleep when we see and step straight up to their sleeping areas. Moreover, we know the effect of sleep on health and emotion. A qualified sleep generates healthy body and happier mind. From that, luxury hospitality is doing excellent work in enhancing the quality and length of sleep.

Hotel bedroom furniture in contemporary style 0
Image 1: Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel in Contemporary Style

Here, we summarize prominent features in luxury hospitality bed areas. Firstly, what will catch your attention first as stepping into bedroom? Of course, these are several pillows, blanket, duvet cover, duvet insert and mattress. Next, we could describe bed areas like a trap. When all things of the list above place on a wide bed base with tall headboard. That will make you want to jump up immediately. Again, custom furniture items have important role in the case. Everything will draw your mind about softness, cleanness, tidy arrangement. At that time, your brain walks to the world of comfort. Besides that, some accessories are places near the bed base such as bedside tables, nightstands and elegant table lamps.

2. Bathroom of Enjoyment

Close your eyes! The last time you walked into a bathroom of a luxury hospitality guest room. Cannot you remember how stunning it is. That is the way we did in high-class bathroom. We pay high attention in creating areas for relaxation and enjoyment. After our guests pass a long journey, they need spaces as peaceful retreat to clean up. When they walk out of luxury bathroom, they leave their weariness behind.

Image 2: Luxury Furniture in Guest Room

We consider to build luxury hospitality bathrooms as personal spa or relaxing retreat. We should start with empty spaces, where guests can walk or even dance. Guest feel comfortable as how they can move in those spaces. Then we put high-end functional items. We make sure that guest can enjoy water when taking shower. Luxury hospitality furniture is requirement, from vanity, sinks, shining mirrors to extra storage. There are so many items and accessories to install bathroom or to write a list. Keep in mind that we try to wealthy and healthy spaces.

3. Working areas or Workstation

It is a big deal with luxury business hospitality places in general. Because many guests come due to business duty instead of travelling for pleasure. In order work, a working area in guest room is strict requirement. In this case, high-end hospitality brings about spacious workstation. That includes luxury furniture such as large working desk, comfortable chairs and lamps. 

Image 3: Workstation High Class Furniture

Besides that, it will be great, when workstation is next to enormous window for relaxing eyes. In the order hand, many people do not prefer working in a bedroom, which is near sleepy bed. However, they still utilize workstation for handling papers, laptops and preparing presentation.

4. In-Room Entertainment

Overall, luxury hospitality guest room just has some kinds of entertainment such as TV programs, listening to music or surfing the internet. Those are optional, but some complaints will appear as missing one of those. Moreover, bigger TV screen is better, when guests can follow their favorable channels on high quality display. Besides that, if the internet is slow, it will be a huge mistake.

Hotel bedroom furniture in contemporary style 1
Image 4: Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel in Contemporary Style

5. Empty Space

The emptiness is like a trick to create the illusion of enormous space. Although we invest so much to have spacious room, it is still narrow when we utilize them for high quality furniture or other things. As luxury hospitality room design, we need to calculate specific areas for tremendous furniture and for guest walking around. However, a small area is truly for nothing.

Fine Hospitality Furnishings (FHF) is a hospitality furniture manufacturer in Vietnam. The company established in 2000 with factories in Binh Duong province, which is around 30km from the center of Hochiminh City.