Neoclassical Design in Fairmont Empress Victoria Hotel Furniture

Neoclassicism might be one of the most recognizable in interior and hotel furniture style. Fairmont Empress Victoria could be an example in this case.

1 Neoclassical Hotel Furniture and Interior Design

From Greek and Rome, neoclassicism is regard as heritage when it remains identical features in architecture of those empires. However, the style is not out of date because it merges with some present style. Indeed, that creates glamorous and elegant ambiance. The hotel furniture became popular in the early 1800, especially in royal families.

Neoclassical Design in Fairmont Empress Victoria Hotel Furniture (1)
Neoclassical Design in Fairmont Empress Victoria Hotel Furniture (1)

In the initial time, some explorers found a few buildings, which were led from Greek and Roma in the past. These buildings were so impressive and beautiful. Immediately, these became reference material sources in architects, interior designers and hotel furniture stylists. At the same time, many royal families and churches prefer the rococo styles. But critics claimed that rococo style was so extravagant. From that, designers delighted neoclassical style in order to rise against rococo style.

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2. Hotel Furniture in details of Neoclassicism

In the neoclassicism, dynamic features are added into shapes of the hotel furniture. The neoclassical designers prefer straight line rather than curves. To clarify, dark woods are frequently the main material. In the outlook, people can see little statues and texture. The wood grain keeps classical element in the style. Moreover, the designers delight the shape by using gold or brass. Various materials enhance glorious aspect of hotel furniture. Besides that, these can be marble and stone Based on the contract principles, the dark wood furniture combines with bright ambiance such as white or cream color. An alternative palette is neutral color to emphasizes the balance in designs. Therefore, neoclassical interior keeps some spaces empty to bring comfort to clients. 

Image 2: Neoclassical Design in Fairmont Empress Victoria Hotel Furniture

Above all of those things, neoclassical style is regarded as heritage of Rome and Greek. For most of the people, neoclassical style could stand for power and royalty as the first impression from the great empires in the history. That might be the main reason about why the neoclassical style became so popular in 1800s.

3. Fairmont Empress Victoria in Neoclassical Style

In fact, a hotel has passed a long period of time since the 1908. This old Canadian hotel was designed by Francis Rattenbury. He is a talented architect with many tremendous buildings in Canada. Nowadays, his fantastic hotel become one of Top 25 Iconic Hotel buildings on National Geographic magazine.

In Pacific Ocean, the wonderful nature of one Canadian Island covers the Fairmont Hotel. The whole place optimizes for leisure time only. As the gift of the Island, visitors can observe both sunrise and sunset from anywhere in the hotel. High end hotel furniture brings a guarantee of luxury service to travelers. As a result, this could be special direction for couples and families.

Image 3: Neoclassical Design in Fairmont Empress Victoria Hotel Furniture

Fairmont Empress Victoria maintain a routine to update hotel furniture as their usual renovation. They highly pay attention to not eliminate their historically neoclassical style. Dark wood is the main elements for furniture along with brass accents. When Sofa impress with its modern look, Victorian wing back chair antique remain its classic. The curtain, wall texture, and lighting come together in order to define glamorous spaces. For more than that, everyone could have closer look to each single detail. The hotel is a great demonstration in the case as a grace of the pass in the present.

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