Veneer – A Highly Qualified Material for Luxury Hotel Furniture

A crucial material for hotel furniture projects along with MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). These result in prominent advantages over hard woods.

1. Luxury Hospitality with Wood Veneer Furniture

In engineered wood products, wood veneer is a thin piece sliced from tree logs. That is the most appropriate solution to create surface texture for composited wood panels in terms of luxury hospitality furnishing since its invention many decades ago. Each wood veneer piece carries unique wood grain as cutting natural tree blocks. It makes up naturally beautiful appearance to glorious hospitality furnishing.
New No 1 - Veneer - Firm-FHF Fine Hospitality Furnishing-Completed-2
Image 1: Veneer Processing in FHF (a hospitality furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

Technically, we calculate the wood veneer thinness in millimeter scale, which is usually around 1 mm. At the initial stage, wood engineers do not create wood veneer due to reducing production cost for hotel bedroom furniture sets, but they want to optimize utilization of usable tree blocks during woodworking. In fact, the wood veneer furniture brings about reasonable production costs.

However, the veneer furniture can be more expensive than the hotel furniture made from solid wood in some cases. The combination between veneer and engineered wood results in prominent advantages over hard woods. That is why luxury hospitality furnishing develops rapidly with the application of wood veneer. In customized hotel furniture projects, Fine Hospitality Furnishings (FHF) provides plenty of material options for clients.

2. Wood Veneer Production Process

The veneer production is not complicated. The materials are tree blocks and we separate pieces to pieces as wood logs. Then we slice the wood logs under a big machine with extremely sharp blade. That bring about thin veneer sheets. Finally, veneer pieces are dried with substrate and packed into containers to deliver to hospitality furniture manufacturers.

The factories can achieve cost efficiency with veneer production. When it can utilize any log sizes and even recycled wood pieces. The production generates less waste and become an ideal solution for the environment with the lack of forest resources. The tree sources can grow enough for materials in short-term rather than solid wood. The colors and texture can be customized easily to open flexibility for tremendous hospitality furniture designers.

New No 1 - Veneer - Firm-FHF Fine Hospitality Furnishing-Completed-1
Image 2: Veneer Processing in FHF (a hospitality furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

3. Advantages of Wood Veneer over Solid wood

  • Wood veneer enhances creation in hospitality furniture design works. It is thin and applies flexibly on composited woodworking as the design requirements, so customized hotel furniture projects become easier to achieve rather than working with hard woods.
  • Its surface is natural beauty, especially when it comes with each other for artwork. That is also the main reason why we use wood veneer furniture in hospitality furniture areas.
  • It has more stable strength than solid wood when it comes to hospitality furnishing. Because the solid wood material is really hard to customize without splits and cracks as the design requirements in production. Whereas engineered wood can be customized easily whatever sizes as the requirements.  
  • The veneer is wonderful to the environment when it opens more material sources to reducing deforestation in the nature.

4. Disadvantage of Wood Veneer

  • Redesign is so difficult to wood veneer furniture unlike solid wood furniture. This is because veneer is thin in millimeter scale, but is not a big trouble when not many cases people need to recreate or repair their hotel furniture.
  • Blistering can be a big trouble when wood veneer goes with unqualified engineered wood, especially chipboard wood furniture.
New No 1 - Wood Veneer – A Highly Qualified Material for Luxury Hotel Furniture - Firm-FHF Fine Hospitality Furnishing-Completed-3
Image 3: Veneer Processing in FHF (a hospitality furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

Fine Hospitality Furnishings (FHF) is a hospitality furniture manufacturer in Vietnam. The company established in 2000 with factories in Binh Duong province, which is around 30km from the center of Hochiminh City.