However, everyone need to understand the responsibility rather than knowing only simple things to do. As a result, that will create comfortable place for end customers and increase lifespan of furniture.

1. Maintaining – Luxury Hotel

One regular maintenance work is cleaning surfaces of hotel furniture items. The work is to remove dust out of the items and bring back comfort. In fact, tiny soil and sand exist in the air as dirt. These cannot be eliminated entirely and surround us. Day by day, dirt covers surfaces of furniture in form of powder and become a trouble in thousands of years. Handling dust every day is the only way to maintain furniture.

Neoclassical Design in Fairmont Empress Victoria Hotel Furniture (1)
Image 1: Maintaining and Caring Luxury Hotel Furniture

A lot of luxury hotel furniture items are made up from wood or engineered wood. Everyone should dust them regularly with damp cloth. However, we must be aware of dry dirt, because small dirt can be abrasive to scrape furniture surfaces. From that, we try to clean furniture slowly and carefully. Another thing is that we never use paper to clean hotel furniture.

Moreover, we can easily remove dust on other hotel furniture surfaces made of various materials such as metal, glass or marble. Besides that, upholstered furniture is quite different, when most of them are fabric or leather. We could vacuum those things along with cleaning by using damp sponge. By daily maintaining work, we can make hotel furniture like new as the first day.

Image 2: Luxury Hotel Furniture in FHF (a hospitality furnitute manufacturer in Vietnam)

2. Caring – Luxury Hotel

Caring work is how we treating luxury hotel furniture every day. It is not about cleaning or maintaining, but it is all about controlling multiple factors that affect luxury furniture. These factors are atmosphere, humidity and others. We should eliminate harmful effects from environment in order to rise the lifespan and maintain furniture easier.

In deep, sunshine and humidity are harmful factors from weather condition. Most of luxury hotels prefer large window to capture beautiful views from the outdoor. However, hotel furniture color can be vanished under direct sunlight for a short period of time. Moreover, direct sunlight could expose veneer and wood furniture. Besides that, humidity or wet condition also expose wooden high-class furniture. Because of wood characteristics as absorbing water. That is why we should avoid sunshine and control wet condition when arranging luxury hotel furniture in the room.

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Image 3: Maintaining and Caring Luxury Hotel Furniture

Furthermore, hotel furniture surfaces can get wrong easily during usage period. In fact, placing cup, computer or TV can create scratches on desk or TV. Seriously, using laptop and mouse directly on wood furniture will leave damages on wood grain. Desk mats and others are the solution in this case. However, it does not mean controlling guest activities in any circumstances. Instead, we should provide enough facilities as convenient as possible. That will encourage guest to take of care furniture.

About FHF

Fine Hospitality Furnishings (FHF) is a hospitality furniture manufacturer in Vietnam. The company established in 2000 with factories in Binh Duong province, which is around 30km from the center of Hochiminh City.



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